aboutAdvanced Healing and Diets provides the highest quality, personalized, clinical

myotherapy treatment plans, which are individually developed to suit each and every individual body. We offer a proactive approach to achieving positive results and place a huge emphasis on getting your body back to the highest level of mobility with as little pain and discomfort as possible.

We provide a friendly, comfortable, and enjoyable environment which offers positive health education and support to you, your family and the important people in your life. Linked with a number of local allied health and medical providers, Advanced Healing and Diets offers a holistic advancement in clinical myotherapy treatment, to provide whole body management.

Owned and run by Madelein Crus, Advanced Healing and Diets pushes the boundaries of ‘myotherapy’ as we know it today, with the addition of postural assessment/treatment, postural sling correction, and the ability to diagnose musculoskeletal abnormalities.