What is Clinical Myotherapy?

whatClinical Myotherapy is a branch of manual medicine, which focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain.

Concentrating on the correction of postural imbalances, postural sling inequalities, work/non-work related injuries, sports injuries and pre/post pregnancy pain, Clinical Myotherapy is a well-recognised form of treatment. Clinical Myotherapy is beneficial as a single mode of treatment, or in conjunction with treatment provided by medical professionals or other allied health practitioners.

Clinical Myotherapy combines the standard assessment methods including: postural evaluation, orthopaedic, neurological and functional testing, with a thorough investigation of central and peripheral joint play, a detailed examination of contractile muscle tissue and the explanation of the relationship between the practitioner’s findings, and the patient’s complaint. The detailed and individualised assessment continues throughout the treatment, and is the distinguishing feature between Clinical Myotherapy and other manual therapies.