Pre/Post Natal Massage and Pain Prevention – 45min

Modalities used include:

  • Pre- Natal Massage
  • Postural Correction to help realign the centre of gravity
  • Reduction of Sciatic Nerve Impingement; associated with pelvic positioning
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Patient education in contraindication points

pregnancyPre-Natal Massage

Specific massage therapy used on expectant mothers, to ease pregnancy associated pain and discomfort. Patients are positioned accordingly, in a comfortable, safe and relaxing position, often using a body pillow for stability and comfort. Throughout this treatment, patients are educated on the contraindicated points on the body, and any questions are answered in relation to pain and posture, during pregnancy.
Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a specific massage therapy using gentle, rhythmic pumping actions to help with fluid movement and drainage, within the body’s lymphatic system. Lymphatic Drainage whilst aiding in the reduction of swollen feet and ankles and other conditions commonly seen in pregnant women, is also very relaxing and pain free.

Postural Correction

During pregnancy, as the body changes shape, patients often change the way they perform tasks or activities to accommodate the body. These changes can produce pain and discomfort, and the associated muscles can become weakened and aggravated. Postural Correction can help rebuild the loss of muscle strength and help re-gain correct posture, whilst reducing pain.

Reduction of Sciatic Nerve Impingement

As the pelvis changes positions to accommodate child birth, the Sciatic nerve is commonly compressed; causing neural symptoms directly down the posterior aspect of the leg. By slowly releasing the surrounding muscles, taking note of the contraindicated points in this region; the pain can be relieved. However as the pelvis is continually moving, this treatment is of an ongoing/maintaining nature.

Patient Education on contraindication points and essential oils

According to Chinese Medicine, there are specific areas or points located on the body that are to be avoided during pregnancy. These points are not always clearly outlined, so educating the patient on the specific areas is very important, especially for individuals who have had previous miscarriages or have found it difficult to conceive in the past. Many Essential Oils are also contraindicated during the first trimester of pregnancy, due mostly to the nausea component that women experience in this stage.